Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 aprons in 2 days:)

Good morning sunday!!!
I lazed around quiet a bit today morning................taking advantage of the fact that my husband willingly takes on the responsibility of getting the kids ready & making breakfast for them:)
He made french toast which smelled heavenly but I was too sleepy to even try a morsel!!!!!!!!
Anywayz when I finally woke up enough to go to the kitchen I was horrifed at the sight of my once pristine kitchen!!!!!!!!!!
I dont even want to recall how it looked,fortunately my maid was already there cleaning up the mess!!!!!
Thank God for helping hands readily available in India......................I cant ever dream of doing the dirty dishes!!!!!!!!
I know I sound like a spoilt brat but then that IS the fact.........................we are just so used to maids doing everything !!!!!!
In fact there is a common joke about Indian women that they can survive without their husbands but not their maids:)
The importance of a maid in her life surpasses the importance of her man;)
Well.................back to the original topic,I knew the kitchen would be taken care of..............but my hubbys cloths!!!!!!!!!
They were a different issue altogether.................I have been begging him to wear an apron when he cooks(once a week-only breakfast;)
But I think he finds them too feminine....................I have made tons of aprons for friends,myself(I am a very neat cook so I myself never wear the apron)
This is the apron I have made for myself

Few days back I had an order for a half apron for a very young girls for her new job as a waitress.She loves Indian dresses & she wanted a really colourful apron with lots of colours .She saw a top of mine & wanted me to put a pinwheel on the apron as on the top.

Yup ...........that is me:)
She choose this pretty cotton from the pile of fabrics I have.She wanted to have 2 big pockets with a pinwheel on one of the pockets.This is what I made

Making the pinwheel was fun.I made it with orange tulle.I just ran a stitch in the centre of the strip on the longest stitch of the machine & then pulled the thread from both the sides till I got ruffles.Then I simply pinned the ruffle like a pin wheel & then top stitched it!!!!!!
Its really fun to go in circles while sewing it:)
Here's the pinwheel from close up


I wanted the apron to be really sturdy so I backed it up with another fabric.She choose orange as the colour which really provided a good contrast!!!!!!

What makes this experience weird for me was that the next day I got another order for an apron ,this time it was a full apron with a hair kerchief.This is not the weird part :).......................she too choose the same fabric but in a different colour!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a HUUUUUUUUGE collection of fabrics,rows upon rows of lovely fabrics & 2 customers from 2 different places choose the very same fabric in 2 days for an apron!!!!!!!!
Anywayz this is the full apron

The apron was to be made in extra large size...............& getting the proportion of the straps & the bust was quite tricky as she was not sure about the width of her shoulders.But fortunately it fit her well!!!
Its really difficult to sew for somebody you have never seen & the other person has never known how to measure herself!!!!!!
She wanted velcro at the back as opposed to the regular tie ups


For this apron too I used another fabric as lining to back it up.She wanted a subtle pink.

She wanted me to make a star shaped pocket but then decided against it as the corners may flop down.She finally zeroed in on a heart shaped pocket in a different fabric.It was fun making a heart shaped pocket alongwith a regular pocket.I still have this fabric leftover,I may use it in one of my purses;)

So this is it finally alongwith the kerchief

I love both the aprons,so bright & happy just right to whip up something in the kitchen:)
I may after all design something masculine enough to convince my husband to wear for his weekly experiments & save me the agony of seeing his expensive cloths bear the brunt of his enthusiasm!!!!!


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