Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out to shop!!!!

Hi all:)
Is it a good morning??????????? Not for me,I am not going to whine about lack of views or comments;)
Had a really late night party yesterday & lack of sleep has me real cranky:(
Have promised to go shopping with a bunch of ladies.They are new here & I am the veteran shopper;)
I am really feeling hungover,I dont even drink!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah,I am a traditional Indian good girl;)
Well...................dont have time to cook before I leave so have told the mess ( our brigades mess for officers) to cook lunch!!!!!!!!
Just stopped by to write a quick update....................have to go get ready:)
Will be back with another update maybe tomorrow...............have to go for a social evening tonight,so I may not be able to log in today at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
c u all later:)



Hi Priti,
I couldn't find another way to contact you about the Skirt Week info. Either in the post you commented on, or on our right sidebar, there are links to each category's flickr group and you can enter them there. Can't wait to see what you've got :)

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