Friday, June 11, 2010

Pleated pouch from leftover fabric

I have lots of fabrics leftover from my different sewing projects.The scraps are too small to be used for clothing projects &  too big to be just thrown away!!!!!!!
I have been thinking of making something out of them but was too lazy to draft a pattern,yesterday I just stumbled across this really really easy tutorial for a pleated pouch.
This needs very less fabric.As you can see this needs a band at the top & a pleated pouch attached to that band , the fabric requirement is actually cut down to scraps!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the bad pic.I was too excited to wait to actually iron it & then click the pic:)
I decided to make it from the leftover fabric of the shirred shirt dress I have made.And believe me this was finished in 30 minutes flat!!!!!!!

The tutorial does not use any interfacing but I like my pouches,purses to have a little form ,so I used fusible interfacing for the lining.

I also top stitched the zip after attaching it between inner & outer fabric.These are the only 2 changes I made to the original tutorial,rest all remains the same.
My 3 year old has already claimed it:)

She is using it to store her little dolls from The Shrek collection:)
She wouldnt let me click her pics too!!!!!!!

She knows her pic will go on "Intelnet":)))) She asked me if I was going to give away her purse to a "Cushtemal"...........thats what she calls my etsy "Customers":)
When I convinced her its very much hers,she agreed to give a nice smile for the camera:)

And of course here is the link to this pleated pouch


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