Saturday, June 5, 2010

Polka dot big pleated purse

Hi guys:)
Only yesterday i was praising the beauty of the day.......................the cool breeze led to an actual thunderstorm!!!!!!!!
An electricity pole fell & there was no power supply the entire night!!!!!!!!!!
It has been restored after 17 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as the lights came on,i rushed to my comp:)))))))
Our generation is like fish out of water without access to internet:)
Cant really say that is good or bad!!!!
Now back to my purse making,as i mentioned in my first blog i am making an inventory of purses.The first one i made is in black fabric with red polka dots in it.My mom was here & she bought suit material(Indian women's wear not the western suits:)
This is from the left over fabric

While attaching the band i didnt realise that a lil interfacing was showing...........you can see a small lil white patch on the left side of the button closure:(
Naturally i cant sell it with an obvious flaw so I am using it for myself now:)
The purse is pretty big.Finished Dimensions are 10 ½” tall x 16 ½” wide at bottom x 14 ½” wide at top x 4” deep.
I loved making the pleats on front & back.It has a button closure with 2 big pockets on the inside.
I used following supplies:

• 1/3 yard decorative fabric* (this will be the bottom part of the exterior) If your decorative fabric has a design with a top and bottom, it should be horizontal (going across from one selvage side of the fabric to the other selvage side). If the design is vertical, you will want to purchase 2/3yard.

• 1 yard of coordinating fabric* (this will be the exterior top and lining)

• 2/3 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing (at least 22” wide)

• ¾ yard of 45” D├ęcor Bond interfacing OR 1 1/3 yard of 22” medium to heavy weight fusible interfacing

• 5” of ¼”-wide elastic

• 1 button

I took this bag to go to the swimming pool yesterday.I am quite happy with how sturdy it is.The interfacing in the handles make it pretty strong & it does not flop down lifelessly.going to make more in this design now:)


As you can see there are 2 pockets inside ,for the next ones i  am going to add pen slips & key fob too:)
Any suggestions???????


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