Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Delightfully Busy!!!!!

Today I went to get Sasha admitted to school & while driving back I was mentally making a list of things to do............& boy ,will a mental list suffice???
There are soooooooo many things I need to do,in fact all these things are enough to keep me busy for next 5-6 months!!!!!!!!
And then the realization dawned on me that I am delightfully busy:)
When I quit my really demanding job 3 years back after my daughter's birth the only agenda on my list for the day & day after & after ...............used to be to feed her & wash her diapers!!!!!!!
I felt like Mother Dairy!!!!!!!!!!!
My life was  mind numbingly boring.I have 2 maids to look after the daily chores,so I didn't really have any household work to do & Yash was on a U.N Mission to Ivory Coast for a year.
Other than helping my son with his studies I didn't actually do anything!!!!!!!!!
Somewhere in these 3 years I lost all touch with my actual  efficient self & I became a typical Indian woman who has all her needs taken care by her husband &  has no responsibilities !!!!!!!!
Now I have no wish to get back to corporate job where I will spend all day behind a desk or a computer screen wondering what my kids are doing !!!!
But it does not mean I have no ambitions in life or I don't want to do anything..................over past few months I have gone back to my creative pursuits which took a back seat when I was in the technical arena,now I am actually thinking that I may be able to do something substantial after all ,& yet be there for my family.
So this sudden realization of being busy ,having things to do which will enrich my journey of life (may  or may not financially.................I need not worry about that thanx to my husband ) elated me:)
So now I have loads of work to do....................my techie friends are going to scoff at this I know.................what I am doing is nothing compared to what my friends or engineer colleagues are achieving,but this makes ME happy & I feel I am better mom & wife by just being there for them!!!!!!!

So anywayz .....................I made a top for myself today ( I always make stuff for my kids,so I decided to treat myself:)
I had downloaded the batwing top pattern from burda style & I decided to take a stab at it today .

I have this pretty pretty shimmer cotton fabric which I used.It was pretty simple actually.all I had to do was to keep the paper pattern on the fabric,cut it & sew it:)
As simple as that:)
These are the front & back patterns...........see the batwing??????

It also has pattern pieces for neckband & cuffs.The sleeve has an interesting detail.There are 2 points on the sleeve between which you have to run 2 lines on the widest stitch.It gathers up the fabric real pretty & then you attach the cuff to it.It turns out really well.

The only change I did to the pattern was the neckline.I am not very comfy with such a deep neckline so I cut the V a little higher........see there ????????

Rest all is same.I made the cuff & neckband in a contrast fabric too:)
Yup............I have already finished it but I am not putting the pics yet because I am making  a purse from the left over fabric:)
I am sure I will finish it tomorrow & so may be I will post the pics day after:)
Or may be not...............its my 10th anniversary on 9th July:))))
So I don't think it will be a good idea to be blogging especially when my husband has taken the day off to celebrate a decade of togetherness!!!!
Ummmmmmmm.................I guess the post will have to wait a few days:)

I bought leather today to make purses for my etsy shop...................got 5 lovely shades:)

Cant wait to start on them..............but like I mentioned earlier I have a pile of work to finish before I tackle these!!!!!!!!
 All of them are backed with fleece ,it reduces my workload:)

Now I am off to make my purse:)
I guess the fabric is enough to make a clutch too:)
I will actually look like a joker wearing a top,carrying a purse & clutch inside all from same fabric!!!!!!!
No................I won't do that to myself;)
The purse & the clutch will be listed in my shop:)
Till then....................ba bye



Love the batwing top! I also thought the neckline looked a little low for my taste (and age!), so my first thought was to wear a tank top under it. I'm not so good at modifying patterns! Looking forward to seeing what you make with the leather, also.

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