Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adding navigation pages

I found this totally cool way to add navigation pages to the blog:))))Doing a happy dance right now;)
It looks so much more cool.............& professional.See at the bottom of my page,you will see this

Want to get this?????...................I wish I could say I designed it but despite being an engineer the only coding I can do is apply others codes to my blog from tutorials:(

But still its better to copy from FREE tutorials instead of having a plain old boring blog!
This is where you can get the tutorial.Actually its much easier than  other tutorials where you have to fiddle with your HTML coding (every time I do it,I am scared that as soon as I click "save" it will all go whoosh!!!)
So whenever I am adding some widget or feature which needs to alter the HTML code I hold my breath & keep my swear jar handy...just in case;)

But this one was super cool,its one click:)
All you have to do is don't hold your breath,stash away your swear jar in someplace safe for next time;)& click the "one click installer" and it's done!!!!!!

It was so easy I had to actually go back & forth a few times between my design settings & blog to see that it actually was working:)............& in case the installer does not work there is also the swear worthy method of fiddling with the HTML code;)

There are many more tutorials there.................I am off to see them now:)



thank you for the link!

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