Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Listing on etsy finally!

I had originally planned to make a sizable collection of bags & then list them on Etsy.But now I have realised its not a practical idea:(
First of all I get bored of just sewing & sewing & then lose the momentum:(

Also I think I will feel better by actually showcasing them instead of just piling them up in the cupboard & will get motivated and make more & better bags :)
This is the first bag I am going to list:)
 This is quite a big bag..ideal as a diaper bag.It has not just big pockets in the front but plenty of pockets inside too.I always feel there should he something in a bag to hold the water bottles upright................so have added a 3D pocket,it worked quite well actually:) My purses are incomplete without the key fob!

I love the pink & the pretty roses,the contrast with stripes is pretty brilliant of me;)
I am going to list this bag too............I had planned to keep it for myself initially but I have too many already so I have decided for once to learn to let go:) But I couldn't resist at least clicking a pic with it;)
My clutch collection will be listed too.
I have around 10 purses ready to list ,still working on the editing part.................hopefully will start listing by today evening.


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