Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion Advise

I have never stepped outta my door without a purse.........have you????
I don't think so!        Most women will not leave the house without a purse,clutch,wristlet etc etc
We women are anywayz known(accused) of carrying our world with us :)

There are plethora of things we need on us right from the all important money,the life saver credit cards ,a mirror for a quick peek ,lil makeup for the woman on the go & the unglamorous diapers & bum wipes for the new mommies! What better way out of all this shebang than toting around a bag!

See these ladies corroborating my theory;)

This (in)famous foursome does remind us though that as convenient as a purse may be in lugging around all the things , what most of us don't realize is that a purse is a fashion accessory too!
And naturally as a fashion accessory, it should co-ordinate with the rest of our look(It rarely happens to me though I must confess;).

So the most important thing while choosing an Arm Candy is that it goes with the outfit you are wearing.It should not be necessarily the exact shade you are wearing ,but atleast something complimenting your outfit! I have seen women wearing a bright scarlet dress & carrying a teal purse!
Or worse

Sorry Paris...........carrying a load of dough  does NOT give you the right to butcher a chic Louis Vuitton!!My eyes are hurting seeing this!

OK next.....not just the type but the size of the bag also makes a  difference.YES,SIZE DOES MATTER :)
While choosing a bag, take a GOOD look in the mirror first.Try to judge objectively or rationally(as bones would say:) what body type you have:)
I am not telling mine;)........Then decide on a bag size that will compliment your body type!
We are rarely aware that the first impression of a woman is based on the type of purse she carries.And naturally, depending on the type of bag you are carrying, you just may be drawing attention to the generous curves  that you may prefer to hide;)   and vice versa.
Believe me as in nature it is all about balance.Your bag has to be in balance with your body type. It should accentuate what you want to show off & hide what you don't want to show off!
As we all know the latest trends are the big black holes which are capable of sucking in everything you dump in it & have the capacity for more!.......Yup the over sized hobo's, tote's or anything which is BIIG.But if you are small & petite PLEASE don't fall for the big one just because it is in vogue!
Look at this lovely in snakeskin leather

As much as I love this one.............Jessica I am sure you can afford more purse! Lugging the same thing  around & around is no fun!
FYI-I have a shop full of cute purses........why don't you have a look there!

So, going with the principle on size on choosing handbags,as i said if you are short with  a slight figure,  NEVER ever buy a big purse that will drown you, instead chose a bag that is small and is something that you can hold close to your body. Holding a big purse would make you look as if the purse is carrying you;)

Let's say you are the tall and lanky type(lucky you.........I am just 5.4":( ), with not many curves(again super lucky you,I hate my Indian generous curves!), your challenge is to create the illusion of having a curvy figure  to camouflage the straightness of your body. You should choose  a medium size purse with a long shoulder strap allowing you to hold the purse close to your waist. Holding the purse against the waist will make you seem that you have a slender waist that gently slopes to your hips.See...........ain't I brilliant;)

Now, if you are the typical apple (read hip heavy) your purse needs to draw eyes & attention away from them.So the right choice for you is something with a shoulder strap that will let the bag  hanging just above your hips.

If you are  top-heavy and NOT comfortable with it(those who want to flaunt it can please ignore this) would want to deviate attention away from the upper body. In that case choose a bag with long straps , something that you can hold close to your hips. But it should be a  large purse to balance out your top-heavy body!

Another faux pas to be avoided by large women is to carry small purses.You will be simple calling attention to your larger than life size! Always go for a wide handbag that will provide a balanced look to your figure.
 I love your spunk BUT..........this clutch is doing nothing for you queen Latifah!

Now I come to the most hated body type(hated by me)- the perfect hourglass figure!!!!
Sigh!! With your bust line in proportion to your hips and with a definite waist, what is there not to hate!!!
OK I have no expert advise for you.You can lug along just about any type of purse or handbag there is:(
But then still be aware as to whether your purse is providing a balance to your figure.

Well.............I am still trying to figure out what category these things fit into!
 Whatever these are,they are cute indeed:)

So go figure,what type of purse suits you................and if you can't find anything in your wardrobe,time for a new one;)
Let me remind you the 25% OFF in my shop is on till 11th October..............so have a look:)


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