Thursday, November 11, 2010

From Shirlee

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Shirlee. She was very beautiful and talented.
Shirlee was the mother of a girl named Linda. She taught Linda all the secrets of being talented and crafty, and Linda came to excel at them.
Linda grew up and became the mother of two girls named Brittany and Ashley. She raised them in the grand tradition of arts and crafts.
Together, they decided to create an Etsy shop. Between the three of them they had the fantastic talent of crafting stacked to the nines.

It all came FROM SHIRLEE.

I love love this beautiful etsy shop where you can find amigurumi,accessories,blankets,cards, holidays,home decor,scrapbook pages all under one roof!

I loved this cute lil octopus:)
Check out the pretty jelly fish.............isn't it amazing:)
look at this gorgeous magnetic board
This is quite a new store & I wish Shirlee loads of success.Check out her amazing blog here .


Domestic Goddess

Thank you for the nice feature and the good wishes.


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