Friday, April 8, 2011


Do you think as we grow up,we get so involved in finances & economics of the world that we forget to enjoy the lil moments in life!
We are so busy chasing the end goal that the joy which life offers in every moment of being alive is forgotten!
When was the last time you stopped to enjoy doing nothing!
When was the last time when you had NO plans other than simply savoring a moment!
This sudden realisation struck me yesterday when I saw my daughter like this

I am amazed at her unconditioanl love,she doesn't care if he is hairy,stinks or takes a bath only once in 10 days!
I am amazed at her belief that he will not hurt her in any wayz!
I am amazed at the contentment on her face!
I am amazed at her protective embrace,she thinks she is the elder one!
 I am amazed at the innocence in loving an animal as much!

I really wish I could induce all these things in me once again which I seem to have lost in the process of growing up & becoming wiser & wish Lil Miss S will retain all hers !

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