Friday, April 8, 2011

Ugly priti!

  Do you ever have an Ugly Betty Day!
I have so many that I can safely call it Ugly Priti day!
I have it approx 362 days in a year!
Today was probably the worsetest of all.............I know that's not a word,but imagine my desperation if I am making up words likes this!

I went OUT to the market with overgrown eyebrows,mustache (etsy effect;)
wearing a dress which is probably a few decades late in making a public appearance
with a really really bad hair ,bad skin day

Ugh..............and when you are out like this,it is on such days precisely that you bump into acquaintances!
She just kept standing beside me & when I went over to say hello she very gracefully exclaimed "Oh it is YOU!.......I didn't recognize you"!
I was looking so Blah,my mother wouldn't recognize me!
So I went into damage control mode asap & ended up shopping!

LOL..............this beautiful lipstick,hair clips & scrunchies are going to turn this pumpkin into cindrella;)

I loved this head band too & bought it,though I am not sure I will ever wear it...............that's OK,I have a daughter!

Next I am going to learn how to apply mascara ,probably buy a curling iron but I am scared that I will set my hair on fire!
Life is so difficult for a woman (sigh!!!)


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