Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The mistress of spices!

Did  you know we Indians make our own spice powders!
Yes..................we lovingly gather raw spices,roast them & then grind them & store for use................Indian food would be nothing without spices & when I am roasting the coriander,star anise,cardamons,red chillies & my home is full of the heady aroma ,I truly feel like the Mistress of spices!

I love the way cinnamon smells when I break it into pieces,the way coriander seeds crush to give the rough powder or chillies make me sneeze non stop!

This is a ritual which is very dear to me...............I remember my mum doing it when I would be sitting with my nose in a book complaining about the smells wafting in the house,I would tell her to just go & buy it from a store!

Now as a wife & mom myself,I realize the wisdom of her actions,it would have been so easy to go & buy it from the store,but she chose the economical,healthier,cleaner & hygienic way at the expense of spending a day roasting spices with tears rolling down her eyes in the heat because of the chilly or the garam masala!

She has been making the spices for me every time she visits me past 11 yrs since I am married but this year I decided to do it myself.......................I want my daughter to make her own memories!
So here are my first jars of chilly powder,coriander powder & garam masala!

      May the Mistress of Spices rule !


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